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-DIO lines default to tri-state at power-up
-Transmit Enable (i.e. DIO_15 on third uart) is an output, high when tranmitter is shifting, for RS-485 half duplex function.

Power Consumption (5V power supply)

Current CPU     Ethernet         TS-9441
  0.35A 200Mhz  ON+connected     no
  0.36A 200Mhz  ON+connected     yes
  0.29A 200Mhz  ON+disconnected  yes
  0.25A 200Mhz  OFF              yes
  0.20A 166Mhz  OFF              yes  
  0.16A 41.5Mhz OFF              yes
  0.20A 41.5Mhz ON+disconnected  yes
  0.27A 41.5Mhz ON+connected     yes
  0.10A 14.7Mhz OFF              yes

  TS-7400 requires 450mW MINIMUM, 1750mW at FULL
      50mW  (0.01A) TS-9441
      350mW (0.07A) Ethernet connection
      200mW (0.04A) Ethernet PHY
      250mW (0.05A) 166->200Mhz
      200mW (0.04A) 41.5->166Mhz
      300mW (0.06A) 14.7->41.5Mhz
  which implies the following power above minimum:
    - 850mW for Ethernet to be working usefully (41.5Mhz minimum CPU speed)
    - 750mW for 14.7->200Mhz

Shell Functions

dio_dir_get n
  get the current direction (0=input,1=output) of DIO #n (n in 0..15)

dio_dir_set n dir
  set the direction of DIO #n to the specified direction (0=input,1=output)

dio_data_get n
  get the current value (0=Low,1=High) of DIO #n

dio_data_set n val
  set the current value (0=Low,1=High) of DIO #n
  (specified pin should be set to be an output already)

  call this function to turn the USB ports on and initialize them

  call this function to turn off the USB ports

  prints the number of USB ports on the board.  this may be greater then
  the actual number of physical ports.  the first port is port 0.

usb_port_devexists port
  prints '1' if something is plugged into the specified port, or '0' otherwise.

  turns off the ethernet port and phy

  turns on the ethernet port and phy

led0 state
  sets the state of the green LED (0=OFF,1=ON)

led1 state
  sets the state of the red LED (0=OFF,1=ON)

  set the CPU and bus speed to their maximum (normal) values, 
  e.g. 200Mhz/100Mhz.

  set the CPU speed to 166Mhz and the bus speed to 66Mhz.

  set the CPU speed and bus speed to 41.5Mhz.  This is the slowest speed 
  that Ethernet will work at.

  set the CPU and bus speed to their minimum values (14.7456Mhz)

  returns the current Celsius temperature reading from the TMP124 chip.